A multimedia performance with music, reading, picture projections and painted pictures.
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Neue Energien

The Project

The research just lately won an amount in new and intriguing knowledge  about all, the origin of the universe and many up to now unsettled  astronomical phenomena. Thus the pictures which are unmatched in her sculptural form and beauty reached us with the help of the Hubble telescope. This topical development has brought the artist Christiane Borisek to catch the fascination of the universe with artistic means.

Operating people:

Simon Retzmann,

Frank Plauschinat,

Michael Mikolaschek,

Christiane Borisek.

 The result is a multimedia performance, which is called "symphony of stars". In Cooperation with the pianist Michael Mikolaschek, Webdesigner Frank Plauschinat and Digital Artist Simon Retzmann, she takes the viewers with on an unusual trip by the universe. Besides, the costly staging uses all possibilities of the digital picture processing and sound processing with slide projections, music and spoken texts.